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PROGRESS UPDATE: August 25 (Day 17)

Day 17 update: even though I had my airline ticket bought to go back to Orlando to visit Chris this weekend, I didn’t end up making the trip…because he is going home to Toronto today! 😄

The doctors in Orlando finally cleared him to travel, and although he will be transported directly to a hospital in Toronto upon arriving at the airport there, he is a huge step closer to getting home and back to his normal life. It is still a long road ahead, but I know Chris is strong and will fight to get back to 100%. Please keep him in your thoughts and prayers, as I know this will be a physically and emotionally difficult time for him.

The GoFundMe campaign set up to help with Chris’ medical expenses has reached 68% of our goal, and while this is incredible, please keep circulating the campaign and encouraging others to donate. Even $5 is helpful! www.christopherleefund.com

If you’ve not seen the beautiful tribute set up by Cesar Vivanco in Peru on behalf of Christopher, visit www.facebook.com/100003776893842/posts/1346858082116742/. It’s just another example of how much Chris has impacted the lives of flutists everywhere around the world.

I have gotten credit for my airline ticket and will apply it towards flying to Toronto in September to visit him there. I AM SO EXCITED AND CANT WAIT TO SEE HIM!!! 😍

Hugs to everyone reading this, and thank you for supporting our beloved Chris!

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Chris leading a masterclass in London (2014)